Jumping Monkey See how high your jumping monkey can get.
Curl Adventure Help Curl swing through these danger-filled worlds. Arrows = Move ; Spacebar = Jump
Wrap Attack It was Christmas and Doctor Zass hated this time of year. He has never received any presents from Santa. So this year, he kidnaps him! Doctor Zass brings all the toys to life and ..
Avalon Ugh Sneak Peak This is a sneak peak of the upcoming game where you get to play a prehistoric taxi.
Sint Nicolaas Platform/puzzle game about Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas), collect the presents and cookies in each level and deliver them to the right chimneys before dawn.
Buggle Stars Guide your Buggle through 20 levels of peril and adventure. Jump, hop, fly, swim, drive in this new platformer!
Bunny Adventure Play as Ozzy the bunny and fight to escape the dungeon to get him back home.
Freaky Fun 25 levelplatformer. Collect coins and stars, find exits. Almost forgot - AVOID FREAKS!!
Spot Jump Jump on Spot. Get Points.
Meez Adventure Game Mario-style platform game with meez characters. Explore levels, collect power-ups and try to stay alive, lots of hidden secrets to find.
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