Super Sloth Bomber The island of Bombolia has been invaded! Bizarre creatures from a beached cargo ship are running wild and causing all sorts of havoc! Only the Super Sloth Bomber can save the ..
George Bush Shoedown Play as George W. Bush and dodge shoes thrown at you by Iraqi journalists!
Kalipe Kalipe is a unique stacking puzzle game. Let objects stack up until like objects combine into bigger objects and then click on them to collect. Don't let object stacks get two ..
Aquarium Scoop Hotshot Scoop the little fishies with your aquarium net. 32 levels of play! 12 Unlockable Fish, with different behaviors. Final Blitz level that unlocks a special aquarium mode ..
The Christmas Tree An amusing puzzle game
Present's An amusing puzzle game
Christmas cartoon 24 An amusing puzzle game
The Competion Game!!! Get the highest score possible in 30 seconds!!!
Funny Frog How many bugs can you eat?
BaconLettuceTomato Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich Building game. Build sandwiches from the whirling "fixins" as fast as you can, build 5 sandwiches and win. Collect some odd ball "fixins" along the ..
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