George Bush Shoedown Play as George W. Bush and dodge shoes thrown at you by Iraqi journalists!
Balls Out More balls means more points but manage your risk carefully.
Asteroid Dodge Dodge the large asteroids for as long as possible to get the highest score.
Star Trails 2 Color matching against your better judgement.
White water rafting trip Dodge seaweed and rocks while collecting coins and earning awards in this fast paced game. This is only my second flash game so it might not be perfect :o
XR-2000 XR-2000 is RUN AMOK! Can you make him live a little longer?
Dodge Fall Delux! Move your mouse and dodge the blocks as they fall. Go on, try it on extreme ;D
Dodge It! In this game you will have fun dodging pills and playing with the Psyco.
Dodge Get the blue boxes, avoid the red dots..
FlatSpace Fight your way through 10 levels of flat space chaos.
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