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The Farm 2 An amusing puzzle game
Maze Of Darkness Make your way through the dark mazes using your flashlight.
ProceMaze A procedurally generated maze game which includes two levels of difficulty.
Psyho quest Psychedelic "shooter" game. Adventure of rabbit saving her gerl friend. Arcanoid-base game with element of adventure and not standart control system.
Sokoban Island Henry has managed to get himself stuck on a remote group of islands and he needs your help to get off them! On each island, Henry has found a series of boxes but they've all been ..
Sheep Ski Jump X-Treme Barely legal sheep ski jumps. You got 2 jumps to do your best. Good luck!
Psai How would you feel to wake up in a demented killer’s house, tied down by a chain with only the objects around you to escape? What if you had a limited time to free yourself ..
Christmas Fashion Girl Santa Claus gives the pretty girl more gifts.But what's in them?It is conceivable that some beautiful clothes,because the fashion girl like fashion dress.Now help her dress in ..
TumbleWaiter Only ten more orders until your shift is over. Try not to drop the food before you get it to the table.
Yolanda's First Dating Yolanda will have a dating with a gentleman.Marybe they will be a sweet couple.Time is up,dress her up and make her up as a alluring women.Don't let the man down.Hope you will be ..
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